The Best Dinners in Downtown Edmonds

The Best Dinners in Downtown Edmonds

Nov 18, 2021

You’ve spent the day at Workhorse with your head down working and now it’s time to go to dinner in downtown Edmonds. Thankfully, you’re already in one of the most beautiful places to eat a wonderful meal! Plus, Edmonds has a really robust food scene—so robust, in fact, people drive from all over the area just to eat in Edmonds. 

Whether you’re looking for a great meal with ferry views, a hole-in-the-wall spot that experiments with flavor, a loungy environment to entertain out-of-town clients, or something else entirely, there’s a place on this list for every taste and palette. What’s more, you could probably hit up one of them tonight! 

We’ve arranged this list in order of closest to furthest restaurants from Workhorse. We also included a few places that aren’t technically downtown Edmonds, but so good that they’re worth the short, five-ish minute drive. Also, we kept our list to a dozen, knowing full well that there are even more wonderful restaurants in town. These, however, are top of the top! 

If you’re a local and looking at this list with a raised eyebrow asking yourself “Why didn’t they include Kelnero?,” have no fear. Kelnero’s time to shine is coming soon. Kelnero will have many times to shine. Also, if you’re looking for a different kind of outing, check out our guides to our favorite happy hours, spots to grab a cup of coffee, and best lunches.   


In the Graphite Arts building right next door to ours, you’ll find the newest player on the downtown Edmonds food scene: a gorgeous space offering modern American cuisine. Here, food and art come together in the most beautiful way. Whether you’re into small plates to share (house-pickled veggies, grilled octopus) or ready to go big with a full meal deal (king salmon, a marbled ribeye) with thoughtful drinks, you’ll be in wonderful hands at Charcoal. Reservations can be made through OpenTable and are recommended. 


Also mentioned in our happy hours blog, Calypso is just down the block and left onto Main. Their specialty is Caribbean food with a PNW flair. If you’re into seafood, try the coconut prawns. In the mood for something meaty and bone-sticking? Try the Calypso steak or peppered beef stew!  

Rory’s of Edmonds

If you’re looking for fun pub fare with a great ferry view, head over to Rory’s! It has a huge outdoor patio that’s always busy on warmer days. Their soup and salad combo is always a great bet and they also have a hearty bourbon and beer chili that can’t be missed. Spring for wings on Seahawks or Mariners game days! Rory’s also has a big list of burgers, along with their *famous* baby back ribs. 


From rolls to omakase, SanKai is a beautiful experience all around. Not only do they source as locally as possible (we’re talking Edmonds Marina hyper-local seafood when available), but they also take great care of each customer who walks in the door. If you’ve ever been to Kisaku in Seattle’s Tangletown (Wallingford / Green Lake) neighborhood or I Love Sushi in South Lake Union, you know Sushi master Ryuichi Nakano. If you don’t, you need to. Eating in one of his restaurants is transformative. We’re lucky to have him in Edmonds! 

Epulo Bistro

Previously on Main where Fire & The Feast now sits (also a great place for dinner!), Epulo recently moved to Sunset, just a few blocks from Workhorse. If you’re looking for a fun, ambient, lively meal with incredibly thoughtful drinks, make a reservation at Epulo! 

Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar

For stone-fired pizzas and imaginative cocktails right by the water, head over the Niles Peacock Kitchen & Bar. Locals are raving about the My Hot Date pie, which includes whole milk mozzarella, olive oil, gorgonzola, and dates! The stars of the show here are really the cocktails, so make sure you’re ready to have some fun with your drinks. 

Salt and Iron

We’re big fans of Salt and Iron: for the care they take with their menu, for how they support the community, and for how well-positioned they are right in the middle of downtown. Start with the oysters (if you’re into oysters), appetize with the burrata, slowly sip your drink of choice, spring for an entree of their signature salt and iron (streak with scallops, shrimp, garlic whipped potatoes, green beans, and chimichurri), and end with affogato.  

Santa Fe Edmonds

If you do red meat, whatever you order at Santa Fe needs to be with their asada. But, we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves. They have a wide variety of tequilas and can tell you about the flavor profiles of each. They have drinks you’d expect like margaritas and piña coladas and can also shake you up something custom. They’re family-run and take great pride in what they’re serving, so don’t hesitate to give them a wave on your way out to tell them what a great meal you had—it’s highly likely they’ll remember you next time you come in! 

Vinbero new winery resturant logo

Vinbero Edmonds 

So, here’s the thing: Vinbero might not seem like a typical *dinner* place, but sometimes dinner means a gorgeous board and a glass of wine (or two). If you’re anything like Whitney, who really loves to eat (and may or may not have written this whole thing), you’ll be getting the board for four to share with just one other person. Dinner is served! 

Barkada Edmonds

Dreaming about Hawaii? Who isn’t! Head over to Barkada on 5th to get your fix. They make Filipino-Hawaiian mixed plates, slushies, and bowls. If you’re looking for something super-healthy and hearty, get one of their buddha bowls and don’t forget to try a side of the purple sweet potato salad! 

FIVE Restaurant Bistro

Drive up past the ferry line to find FIVE Restaurant, which is a pretty little place serving thoughtful (mostly) Italian food. Their pizzas are perfectly-sized and balanced and their entree list is tight. This is a place that would be wonderful for everything from a cozy client dinner to a weekly date night.  


Just a short drive up Edmonds Way is Bucatini, a family-style Italian restaurant with the friendliest owners. They’re currently open for takeout, and we’re hopeful they’ll reopen for indoor dining soon. Bucatini also offers a well-stocked kids menu, which is hard to find at a lot of other restaurants. Also, if you want something quick and hand-held, be sure to try one of their grinders! 

So, now that we’ve shared some of our favorite places to get dinner in downtown Edmonds, which one do you think you’ll try first? We always love to talk about food spots with you, so don’t hesitate to shoot us a message on Instagram or Facebook to discuss. Even better, pop by the front desk in person! Happy eating, Workhorses.