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Are you looking for a private office in Edmonds, WA? Would you like to work away from home and feel more productive? Maybe your job involves working remotely or you are a freelancer. Either way, renting out a private office is a great way to stay on the same page with your team.

Our Private Offices:

  • Offer sweeping views of the sound
  • Have room for at least two people to work at any given time
  • Are open 24 hours a day (and are lockable)
  • Come with our standard Virtual Office 
  • Include dedicated, hard-wired networks
  • Contain no hidden fees for things like internet, heat, or AC 
  • Start at $600/month for an 8’x4’ office—larger sizes available up to 13 1/2’x8′!


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Your private office is more than a desk: it’s a lockable space where you feel safe and productive. It’s a place where you—and your business—can grow.


While coworking, there may be some conversations that you don’t want people listening to, or, you may have some essential documents that you would like to keep safe. Private offices provide you with an opportunity to work with others and simultaneously keep your business confidential.

Better Concentration

Private offices help you concentrate on your work. You may be a person who prefers to work in silence. This can be hard if you work from home, especially if you have a family. A hot desk is always an option, but an individual office space provides benefits that you can’t get anywhere else.

A private office will also help you limit interruptions.



Having a private space that you can arrange and decorate however you like can be comforting. The “space” in the workspace is often forgotten, however, it is an essential amenity that boosts your productivity. Bring in your own chair, photos of your family, an area rug, or even a plant! This is your office. It should feel like you. 

Office Space For Rent Edmonds, WA

It’s not easy to find a single office building to rent around town, especially when you are just starting. It’s even more difficult if you work remotely or are a freelancer. Investing in an office building would not make much financial sense. The best option would be to find a private office in a shared coworking space where you can access all the amenities you need (including unlimited coffee, kombucha, water, tea, and discounts at other area businesses).

If you’re looking for that kind of place, you’ve found it: Workhorse! We can be your go-to private office in Edmonds.

Why Get a Private Office At Workhorse

Great location

Workhorse is located in one of the best spots in Edmonds. The building is accessible by train, ferry, and bus, making it quite convenient whenever you don’t want to drive to work. It is also located a short distance from the beach, where you could go for walks or fishing if you feel you need a break from work.

The office space is located close to some of the best restaurants and shopping, which is great for when you feel like grabbing a meal or treating yourself to a bit of shopping on your way home, especially after closing a new business deal or signing a new client.

The gorgeous Salish Sea is just a short stroll from us and offers some of the most impressive views—mountains, wildlife, water, ferries—to ease your mind.

Amenities that boost your comfort and productivity

We provide rotating kombucha, cold brew, and beers. We also make hot coffee to keep you energized throughout the day. At Workhorse, the space has an industrial feel and a cozy, homey, barn-chic vibe. The structure is made from various materials, including brick, steel, leather, polished concrete, and reclaimed wood.

Apart from that, we have fast Wi-Fi as well as hard-wired fiber internet that supports multiple video call communications with no lag, a high-quality projector, and included conference room usage. 




Hanging out with like-minded people is one sure way to improve and grow. Our coworking community is a focused, like-minded group that aims to push the limits and, as our motto states, “Pull harder together.” 

More Membership Perks

Attend seminars, workshops, and classes at Workhorse that will give you great ideas and valuable insight (stay tuned for more on those!). You can also participate in fun events like watch parties for various sporting events.

Ready to sign up? We’re excited to have you. Just click the button below to request your private office or email staff@workhorse.space to schedule a tour. 

Workhorse’s private offices give us the privacy we need when dealing with confidential communications, while the shared space provides camaraderie and it’s energizing to be surrounded by people who are passionately pursuing their goals!

– Cheryl F.

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