The Best Breakfast Restaurants in Downtown Edmonds

The Best Breakfast Restaurants in Downtown Edmonds

Jan 7, 2022

Updated January 2024

Sometimes, it’s fun to treat yourself to breakfast out of the house and out of the office. Once you’ve decided you want to eat breakfast out, your next question is where you want to go. Downtown Edmonds is full of great places to eat breakfast. We have everything from traditional diners to bustling coffee shops. So, check out this list, pick your poison, and try another one next time you want to fuel your body before you get busy with the rest of your workday. 

Why breakfasts just in downtown Edmonds? 

Workhorse is a coworking community right in the heart of downtown just two blocks from the ferry, community transit, and many small businesses. Check out our six must visit shops in downtown Edmonds to see some of our local small businesses. We like to encourage our members to walk when they can—the brain break and taking in the sights of our little seaside town are so worth it, as are the health benefits of moving your legs! Plus, it helps us keep our list somewhat manageable. There are so many amazing places to eat north of Seattle and in Snohomish County, but we have to keep ourselves somewhat contained or we’d never write about any other meals! 

We did, however, include a shortlist at the bottom of this article with our top five breakfast spots just a short drive from Workhorse’s central Edmonds location. They’re too good to skip! 

Where To Eat Breakfast in Downtown Edmonds

Claire’s Pantry

You don’t have to drive to Seattle to find an epic, old-school breakfast diner. We have a few right downtown Edmonds! Probably the shortest walk from Workhorse of the bunch, Claire’s Pantry is a large space full of booths and tables that can accommodate you without a reservation. They’re well-known for their Thanksgiving pre-prepped meal, as well as their great pancakes. The portions here are huge and fresh. Even the side of oatmeal could probably serve two! And, for what it’s worth, dear reader, this author loves to eat. Like, scoffs at anything that says “serves two” because it’s probably not enough for just her level of loves-to-eat. If you’re a chicken fried steak fan, definitely try that dish from Claire’s, but cover your coffee cup if you don’t want the requisite constant refills common at diners like it. 

Rusty Pelican Cafe

There’s a lot to love about the Rusty Pelican: its proximity to the Edmonds farmer’s market, its house-blend of coffee, its dedication to freshness. The food here is consistently good, the atmosphere is warm and classy-beachy (classy-beachy is totally a thing, okay?), and the service is warm and quick. The breakfast menu is extensive and features fun takes of classics (think PNW-inspired omelets), along with an impressive kids menu. You’ll find all the things you know and love here—like waffles, pancakes, and eggs and bacon plates—along with elevated entrees like crepes and eggs benedicts. Plus, their orange juice is always fresh-squeezed and they offer a Bacon Bloody Mary. What could go wrong? 

The Mar*Ket Fishmonger

If you like your breakfast at more of a brunch timeframe, head over to Mar*Ket for their delicious breakfast sandwiches. While the shrimp is popular since you’re technically at a seafood restaurant, the basic avocado and sausage breakfast sandwiches are also fantastic options that will hold you over until you decide to come back for a late lunch

Pancake Haus

While it is named after the smooth and fluffy pastry, rest assured you can bring your pancakes vs waffles debate to Pancake Haus. This Edmonds staple serves a huge variety of both. They have everything from Iowa Pancakes made with cornmeal to silver dollars, French rollups, and Buckwheat Waffles. Get a stuffed pancake with bacon, an omelet, or (for the solidly savory crowd), a sandwich.

Red twig bakery resturant

Red Twig Bakery and Cafe

You may recall seeing Reg Twig Bakery and Cafe on our Best Coffee in Downtown Edmonds roundup, and you’d be right. Unlike many other coffee shops, Red Twig offers robust, sit-down-worthy meals like scrambles, breakfast burritos, and French toast. These are all in addition to their exceptional selection of pastries. Plus, the menu changes seasonally, so there’s always something new to drool over.

Logo for Shore Pine

Shore Pine Coffee and Gelato

Play Frogger with the ferry line or be a little more prudent by walking around to the Edmonds Waterfront Center on the beach to enjoy a drink with a view. Shore Pine has a wide selection of drinks and a curated array of pastries. You’ll enjoy watching the ferry come and go while sipping and chewing. It really is a special place—in so many ways. 

Top Pot Doughnuts & Coffee

While we wouldn’t call donuts a well-rounded breakfast, we couldn’t leave Top Pot off the list since they have a drive-through for those of us with places to be and people to see. If you’re coming to Workhorse, might we suggest a dozen to share? 

Breakfasts Outside of Downtown Edmonds

If you’re open to a little bit of a drive outside of downtown, here are our top four favorite breakfast spots just a short drive from Workhorse:

  • Jaiiya Cafe (Coffee, smoothies, breakfast sandwiches, and killer acai bowls)
  • Zuri’s Donutz (Unique, delicious donuts with high sell-out risk)
  • Bistro 76 (Elevated diner vibes and fantastic hash)
  • Mel & Mia’s (Great selection of food and drinks and very kid-friendly!)

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