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Hot Desk Membership | $199/month

If you are a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur who works from home, the chances are that sometimes you may need to work from an office. You may do this to break the monotony of working from home or maybe, you’re working on some project that requires your complete attention. Whatever your reasons are, we’ve got you covered. Using a hot desk in Edmonds WA is the perfect solution.

If you’ve been thinking about working away from home regularly or following a preset schedule, Workhorse is a great place for you. We have a ton of amenities and membership perks. Before we get into that, though, let’s dig into why you might need a coworking space hot desk in Edmonds, WA.


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How can a coworking space hot desk improve your comfort and productivity?

It helps break the monotony

While some freelancers argue that hot desking eats into their profits and would rather stay at home and save on the expenses, some huge benefits come with hot desking. One of the best benefits is breaking the monotony of working from home.

The mundanity of working from home, coupled with numerous distractions like laundry and kids, can make it hard for freelancers and remote workers who work from home to stay productive. Hot desking is a solution that helps you break up your day, allows you to re-energize, be more productive, and—ultimately—make more money.

Get your creative juices flowing

We have a fantastic coworking location full of hot desks, where like-minded individuals surround you and can collaborate, share ideas, and find creative solutions.

Just being around other people in a coworking environment has a huge effect on your productivity. Most members say they are at least twice as productive working at Workhorse!

Flexible working hours

Hot desking in Edmonds, WA allows you to work around a preset schedule that suits you. You get to choose when to come to work and how you choose to work. One great thing about hot desking for individuals who want to work away from home, is that you get a space you can come to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a fraction of the cost of an office lease.

Hot Desk Near Me at Workhorse

Why choose us for your hot desking needs?

Great location

Our workspace is conveniently located near restaurants and shopping in Edmonds’s vibrant downtown core. Edmonds is a dedicated Arts District as well, so galleries abound. You could grab a bite at some of the best restaurants in town like The Mar͘͘͘*ket Fishmonger (made famous on TikTok!) or the newly-opened Kahlo’s Cantina, both just steps from Workhorse. Close-by shops like Rogue, Little Bipsy Collection, Anchor Chic Consignment, and Sound Styles make it easy for you to do some quick shopping before you head home. You could even fit in a workout at either Barre3 or Harbor Square before happy hour! We are also located near the ferry, bus, and train terminals, providing easy access to all our members.


Amenities that make you more productive

Our list of amenities continues to grow. Check them out here.


Apart from creating a space that helps our members work comfortably, we also offer refreshments that keep you energized throughout the day. We have rotating taps of kombucha, hot coffee from Caffe Ladro beans, and a rotating cold brew to help you stay refreshed.

Ready to wind down the work day? Enjoy one of our local beers on tap from Salish Sea!


We have fast, high-speed Wi-Fi that can handle multiple video calls seamlessly, as well as a projector, television, and UHD monitors for hot desk use. Our conference room has a large monitor, whiteboard, and Zoom-ready webcam.


Our workspace has an industrial feel courtesy of the steel, brick, and polished concrete materials. This is complemented by the warm, barn-chic design emphasized by our reclaimed wood and leather materials.

Workhorse provides community members with a variety of office spaces and seating options to choose from, including high and low tables, restaurant booths, and a large couch.


Get a chance to meet and interact with like-minded individuals who may provide you with tips, tricks, ideas, and insight that you could use to work even more efficiently. Hot desking is a great way to improve your social networking skills, and who knows? You may just meet your next business partner!

Membership Privileges at Workhorse

If you choose to become a member, you’ll have the ability to join in on workshops, seminars, and classes hosted regularly and join in various other fun activities like watch parties and sporting events (keep your eye on our website and newsletter for more on those events). Also, you get the opportunity to book the space for your own events, as well as host meetings in the conference room.

Workhorse is located in Downtown Edmonds, 20 minutes from downtown Seattle, near Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Everett, and Waterfront. If you are a freelancer, work remotely, or an entrepreneur with a startup who needs a hot desk or some office space, visit us any time, and we’ll help you out.

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We have great amenities, are in a great location, and are home to some of the best and brightest minds in Edmonds, WA. Come check us out! Book a tour with us, read over our amenities, and book a tour to learn more about how Workhorse can make you more productive (we actually guarantee it!).

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