Our Picks for the Best Lunches in Downtown Edmonds, WA

Our Picks for the Best Lunches in Downtown Edmonds, WA

Aug 17, 2021

While Edmonds has become a foodie destination in its own right, not everyone who comes to explore the Edmonds food scene is able to enjoy it for a work week lunch. Since we are located right in the heart of downtown Edmonds, just two blocks up from the ferry and train station, we’ve spent a lot of time eating around downtown. We love lunch in Edmonds—the options, the owners, and the high-quality food sourced locally! 

Admittedly, the Edmonds lunch scene continues to grow and this list encompasses our absolute favorites within walking distance from Workhorse, but there are many more that are a short drive.

We can compile a list of those, too. But, we have to start somewhere, and we wanted to give you the quickest bang for your buck, if you will, as well as an opportunity to move your legs (and maybe even your car if you’re in one of those 3-hour parking spots). So, without further ado, the best lunches in downtown Edmonds, as chosen by people who really like to eat and have eaten dozens of lunches in our favorite seaside town.

Best Lunch in Edmonds

Thai By Day — Modern Thai Fusion

Thai By Day, right by the ferry terminal at Salish Crossing, is a Thai/Japanese mix. In 2017, the owners had the idea to open a fusion-inspired spin-off that was born out of our love for Thai street food and great Japanese dishes. It’s been popular since day one! We love it all, but some of our very favorite menu items (outside of staples like Phad Thai) are Wings Karaage, Green Curry with Young Coconut, Sweet Corn Salad with Young Coconut, Firecracker Shrimps with Red Curry, and Gai Tod Ka-teaum. Don’t forget the Thai Iced Tea!  

Santa Fe — Mexican Grill and Cantina

Opened in 2020, Santa Fe proudly offers the rich Mexican cuisine of Guadalajara, Jalisco prepared with fresh and local northwest ingredients. Before they opened in Edmonds, they had a location in Richmond Beach, just up the road (which they still have!). They are family-owned and operated, make incredible drinks, bring you salsa so delicious you’ll want to drink it, and do some kind of magic on their carne asada that makes it better than most other carne asadas we’ve ever had. Everything else is good, too, but that salsa…we could bathe in it. 

The market fish resturant

THE MAR݀݀*KET — Fishmonger & Eatery

If you’re on TikTok or watch the local news, Shubert Ho’s small, wonderful shop helmed by Chef de Cuisine Hans Korompis, is probably the place you’ve heard the most about. It lives up the hype, but the weekend lines are often long. Come to Edmonds during the week for lunch and you’ll enjoy much shorter wait times for that famous lobster roll. Don’t sleep on the equally great (and slightly more delicate) crab roll, either. Plus, their specials, full of Singaporean comfort and influence, are always worth a return trip. 

Red twig bakery resturant

The Red Twig Bakery and Cafe

If you’ve been to “The Twig” as we like to call it locally, you may associate it with breakfast. And you would be missing a big lunch opportunity! Their salads are the most filling in town, full of root veggies and heart-healthy proteins like quinoa. Plus, their pastries are life-affirming—even the gluten-free options! Afternoon caffeine fix plus a lunch in Edmonds that will fuel you even into a night where you have to work late? Yes, please.

The Red Twig Bakery and Cafe also made it our list of the Best Coffee in Downtown Edmonds, WA.

Salish sea brewing resturant logo

Salish Sea Brewing 

If you’re looking for great food and a midday beer in Edmonds (and even if you’re not looking for the beer), this is your spot. The team is super-friendly, their panzanella is *chefs kiss* and their “pub food” is much more foodie-forward than similar places. They’ll even give you beers to go in a mason jar you can stick in the fridge for later. We’re cool with it if you are! 


While Salish Sea makes all their own beers, MAIZE & BARLEY keeps a tight, rotating list from area brewers they love. Their menu is also small and fantastic. Plus, anywhere that offers a pickle platter is a winner in our book. Your friends and colleagues with dietary restrictions will also love this place right in downtown Edmonds: they have a BBQ Smoked Tofu Sandwich and Jerked Eggplant, both of which even non-DF people will drool over days after their initial outing. 

Furi Chinese resturant edmonds logo

Furi Chinese

When it comes to lunch specials in Edmonds, Furi has the best of the best. They have a long list of options for just $9 that includes rice, soup, eggrolls, and fortune cookies. Plus, they open at 11 a.m., so if you’re hungry early, you’ll feel fat and happy well until dinnertime. The owners are so kind and get to know you quickly, so don’t be afraid to try each lunch special on the list. It’ll take you a while, but it’ll be well worth it. 

Ace Hardware Deli

Need something on the go? Edmonds’s Ace Hardware has an impressive deli with pre-made sandwiches (or sandwiches that can be made right in front of you), grab-and-go BBQ fare, including chicken strips and jojos, and all sorts of soft drink and sweet treat options. Plus, if you need to grab a fishing license for your weekend out on the water, they can do that for you while you wait. 

Vinbero new winery resturant logo


Vinbero took over what used to be The Cheesemonger’s Table and added a beautiful wine selection to an already great cheese and sandwich list. The owners of our favorite cocktail restaurant, Kelnero, are calling it Kelnero’s sister restaurant. Their salads and sandwiches are hearty, their attention to detail is unparalleled, and their kindness is infectious. Stop in after you cash in one of your classes at Barre3 Edmonds (you get five free as a Workhorse member!) and fuel up for the work day ahead. 

What is your favorite lunch in Edmonds WA?

Try any of the places on this list? Comment and let us know what you ordered so we can try it during our next lunch out in Edmonds! 

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