Virtual Office Options

Local Business Membership

  • Establish a physical address for your Google my Business page and your business license.
  • Create a mailbox for your business
  • Your mail can be scanned, forwarded, held or shredded. You choose.
  • Receive four free day passes and two hours of conference room time a month *does not roll over to next month

Create A Virtual Office In Edmonds!

Create a mailbox for a home business.

  • Create a mailbox for your business *does not include the use of a physical address for Google My Business
  • Your mail can be scanned, forwarded, held or shredded.  You choose.
  • Receive a discount on day passes and conference room time

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Depending on your needs, choose a Virtual Office plan that works for you!

Tired of using your home address for your business mail? Sign up for Virtual Office!
Need an address for your business in Edmonds? The Local Business Membership is your deal!

What Can Virtual Office Services Do for Your Business?

From providing meeting space to mailing services, phone services, and a business address to help you get ahead in Google searches, a virtual office provides many benefits without sending your overhead expenses through the roof!

How Virtual Offices Benefit Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

A virtual office location is a superior alternative to a PO box and traditional office, providing:   A Place to Meet: Virtual office services come in handy for entrepreneurs who occasionally need a place to meet clients or vendors. Even if you do most of your work from your home or onsite at the client’s home or place of business, there are still times when a face-to-face meeting is necessary.   A Place for Correspondence: Having a business address is also crucial for your customer-facing operations. It’s often best not to receive business correspondence at your home address if an alternative exists. Even if you work from home or on the road, you will probably want to separate your personal life from your professional life.   And more! Depending on the package you choose, our virtual office services include a conference room, private offices, and meeting rooms, which are ideal for any small business. Having access to one means you can conduct more important meetings and other work that is unhindered by the types of interruptions you might face at home.

Establish a Business Location in Edmonds, Washington

Virtual offices continue to gain in popularity. One of the main drivers of this growth is that virtual businesses need to establish location-based offices to take advantage of Google My Business.   Virtual offices are also a perfect solution for home-based businesses and mompreneurs in Edmonds, Lynnwood, Woodway, Mountlake Terrace, Mill Creek, Bothell, Everett, and Poulsbo.   But it’s not just the “mompreneurs” who can benefit from a virtual business address and the occasional office space. Our services are ideal for roofers, gutter companies, electricians, plumbers, and home improvement contractors who want more overall digital coverage.

Our Virtual Office Options

Entrepreneurs and small businesses have their choice of a virtual office plan, some of which include a mailing address and mail and package privileges. We have different packages and options to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that fits your needs!   With our mail services, you retain total control over your mail. You may decide to forward it, scan it, or shred it, depending on your preferences. There’s no hassle, and only a small fee applies, making our virtual offices right for almost every business.   Our affordable virtual office services will help take your business to the next level. We empower entrepreneurs to establish their company affordably. Google My Business will not confirm your listing without an address, so if you want one in the Edmonds area, it is the best choice.

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