Our Picks for the Best Coffee in Downtown Edmonds, WA

Our Picks for the Best Coffee in Downtown Edmonds, WA

Sep 7, 2021

Sure, we have endless hot coffee and cold brew for you at Workhorse, but we sometimes like to change it up and get ourselves a fancy drink. Plus, who would we be if we didn’t encourage you to get out and support our beautiful little community? Stretching your legs is an important part of your day, and coffee walks add to the enjoyment. They also help your brain to focus on problems you’ve been trying to solve for hours because your brain is able to switch off and rest while you move your legs—seriously! It’s science. Without further ado, check out our list of the best coffee shops in Edmonds, WA.

The Best Coffee Shops in Edmonds

Workhorse is within walking distance to half a dozen wonderful little local shops and cafes in downtown Edmonds for you to get an extra caffeine boost, grab a pastry, check out rotating art, and meet other locals. They all have their own specialties and are all worth experiencing. If you’re wondering if we missed adding Starbucks to this, we didn’t. There is a Starbucks in downtown Edmonds, and the people who work there are wonderfully gracious, but you can have Starbucks anytime anywhere. What you’ll read about below are our local spots, all a very short walk from Edmonds’s first and only coworking community. 

Waterfront Coffee Co

Waterfront Coffee

Edmonds’s oldest coffee shop, right in front of the ferry terminal, recently got a facelift. Under new management since the fall of 2020, it offers pastries from Macrina Bakery, a bevy of specialty drinks (in addition to all the staples you expect), seasonal specials, sandwiches, and even ice cream! They have gorgeous rotating art as well. Sit outside and people-watch while you sip. You will not be disappointed! 

Red twig bakery resturant

The Red Twig Cafe and Bakery

If you read our downtown Edmonds lunches roundup, you’ve seen The Red Twig before—and we can promise you, you’ll see it again. They roast their own beans (available for purchase), make incredible pastries, homemade granola bars, cinnamon rolls, and a bunch of gluten-free options. They also have great rotating, seasonal specials—don’t sleep on their Chai Tea Latte or Vegan Bullet Proof Coffee (a mixture of coffee, coconut oil, hemp milk, and cinnamon—trust). And, be sure to check their Instagram often for their latest drool-worthy concoctions. 

Cafe Louvre coffee shop edmonds wa

Cafe Louvre

One of the biggest draws of Cafe Louvre (originally Tully’s if you’re an Edmonds original) is its plaza where friends and strangers alike gather and chat. Many business relationships have started at this cafe! Aside from their great hot and cold coffee and tea drinks, they also have Italian Sodas, which are always a fun treat for your kiddos when they visit you at the “office!” They offer solid smoothies here, too, if you need to refuel after walking down the hill from your Barre3 class (ask us about getting five free classes with your Workhorse membership). 

walnut street coffee

Walnut Street Coffee

Walnut Street recently celebrated its 15th anniversary downtown and boy do we love visiting them! Their vegan breakfast burritos are insanely delicious and they often carry donuts from our favorite Seattle staple, Mighty-O. Outside of their quick, friendly service (and excellent cappuccinos), you’ll love the big garage door they keep open on warm weather days. They, too, feature local, rotating art, and we’d venture to say have the coolest merch in town.  

top pot coffee shop edmonds

Top Pot

You haven’t lived until you’ve had one of Top Pot’s Ovaltine Lattes. It is a decadent treat worth experiencing. While the company is best known for its donuts, it also offers an excellent cup of joe. They hand-roast their beans in small batches and, honestly, coffee and donuts are better together, so you might as well get both while you’re there. Bonus: They have a drive-thru window right by the ferry! Don’t forget your punch card. 

shore pine coffee shop edmonds

Shore Pine Coffee

The newest player in town, Shore Pine opened earlier this year and operates out of a walk-up window right by the Edmonds ferry docks. The latest brainchild of local restauranteur Shubert Ho, the menu is tight and excellent. And, because they also offer gelato, an afternoon affogato at Shore Pine is an obvious choice. Check out their website for a live surfcam that looks right out to the waterfront! 

Which Coffee Shop is Your Favorite in Edmonds WA?

So! Now that you’re armed with all of the best coffee shops in Edmonds, WA take yourself on a tour of all of them and tell us your favorite things to order at each one. Keep walking, keep trying, and keep the conversation going! 

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