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Getting yourself a dedicated desk in Edmonds, WA is one way to improve your business’s performance and general productivity. A dedicated desk offers you all the benefits of the coworking space but with space, you can call your own.

Workhorse will provide you with a top-of-the-line dedicated desk in our coworking space. Our dedicated desk provides a productive environment for work, all the amenities you could ever need are at a competitive price. Let’s dive in and look at what we offer why you need this kind of dedicated workspace.

Dedicated Desk Near Me

If you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to work alongside like-minded individuals as part of a coworking community then renting a dedicated desk in Edmonds, WA might be your best option. Dedicated desks are meant for individuals who value the security of having their own chair, desk, and workspace that is reserved just for them.

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Why Workhorse in Edmonds, WA?

Great location

Our dedicated desk space is located right downtown Edmonds, near restaurants and shopping. They are also close to the ferry, the bus, and the train station for convenient transportation.

Our location also provides easy access to the beach, where you can go for walks, experience incredible views of the Puget Sound, or go fishing whenever you have some free time or wish to decompress.

Our private office spaces are located 20 minutes from downtown Seattle in Snohomish County near Mountlake Terrace, Everett, Lynwood, and Downtown Edmonds.

Great work environment

A great working space should have amenities that help you be more productive. Our coworking space has fast and free Wi-Fi, various drinks on tap (kombucha, cold brew, local beer, hot coffee), a kitchenette, phone booths, and wireless printing.

We also have a high-quality projector, a television, a refrigerator, a phone booth, a conference room, and UHD monitors for hot desk use. Our conference room is equipped with a glass whiteboard and a large monitor for easy conferencing. We also have a projector for events and larger group presentations.

If you get the feeling that this could be what you’re looking for, feel free to get in touch with us.

Productivity boost

Our office space has an industrial feel. It features a bunch of different textures and materials: steel, reclaimed wood, brick, polished concrete, and leather. The barn-chic working environment is meant to boost your productivity by providing you with a great working environment in a convenient location and a sense of community with like-minded individuals.

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Working with like-minded individuals offers you a great networking opportunity that you’d have otherwise missed if you continued to work from home. Edmonds, WA, is rated as one of the best locations for young professionals and entrepreneurs, which makes it an ideal location for working and meeting others who live similar lifestyles.

While working from home is excellent, you miss the opportunity to interact with various like-minded individuals who may offer great ideas and insights that may help you grow and reach your business goals.


If you become a member, you’ll have the opportunity to regularly attend seminars, workshops, and classes. We also love to have fun! We host watch parties where we watch our favorite teams from various sporting events battle it out.

If you have a pitch meeting and are looking for a great space to host, then you could use our conference room. Pour yourself a cup of hot coffee, pitch confidently, impress your clients, and close the deal. It’s a win-win.

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If this all sounds exciting to you, grab your spot at Workhorse in Edmonds, WA!

You’ll get to work with a handful of professionals daily while maintaining your privacy, desk, and space where you can securely store everything you need. Our dedicated desks are great for entrepreneurs and remote employees who want their own workspace and don’t mind sharing their space with other office mates.

If you are a freelancer or work remotely, then our dedicated desks may be the best option for working in relative privacy while still getting to work in a structured routine that keeps you productive. Our office spaces are designed with you in mind, and we always love hearing your feedback on what could make it even better.

Are you tired of Googling “dedicated desk near me?” Why not try out WorkHorse’s dedicated desk coworking space?

Investing in a dedicated desk at a coworking space was one of the best decisions in 2023. I underestimated how lonely I was working at home and the impact of networking with IRL humans. It changed the game to separate work and home more…and even improved my marriage

– Julee Y.

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