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Why choose a conference room for rent at Workhorse?

There are many reasons why renting a conference room from Workhorse is a great idea.


Our conference room is located right in the heart of Downtown Edmonds, near the train, bus, and ferry terminals.

If you feel hungry and want to grab a bite to eat, you could order something to eat from some of the best restaurants around. Your visitors also get the opportunity to shop in various shops located close to our workspace and enjoy art at one of the many area galleries.

Excellent amenities

We have a long list of amenities that are sure to help your guests feel more comfortable and get their productive juices flowing.


We provide Kombucha; delicious, hot coffee, and rotating cold brews that are sure to keep your guests energized throughout the day. These refreshments will make your guests more comfortable, boosting their creativity and productivity.

Amenities that improve your guest’s productivity

If you want to improve your guest’s productivity, we’ve got your back. We have a fast, high-speed internet connection that can handle multiple video connections seamlessly. We also have a projector, a television, and UHD monitors.

Our meeting room has a large monitor, a whiteboard, and is ready to accommodate any of your tech needs. So, if you’re searching for the best conference room in Edmonds, WA, then this is it.


Providing your employees with this space gives them a great opportunity to network. Networking will get their minds flowing with more ideas, insights, and tips that could skyrocket productivity. In addition, just being in the space could rejuvenate their energy, allowing them to look forward to putting more effort into their work.


Sure, we’re biased, but we think Workhorse is beautiful. The Waterworks Building is made of steel and Workhorse features bricks, reclaimed wood, and polished concrete, giving it a warm, industrial feel.

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See what our memebers have to say about the space!

At Workhorse, I love to use the conference room and phone booths, so I can speak to my clients confidentially. Also, I like the fast, stable fiber optic Wi-Fi that is great for productivity. In addition, I like the friendly and professional atmosphere at Workhorse and the kombucha on tap!

Jeanett Quintanilla Manu Group

Fantastic space. Fantastic host. Conference Room had everything we needed! We will be looking into making this a regular spot for our team. Thank you you so much!

Marrceenius R. –  Peerspace

Great, light filled space in a cool building in downtown Edmonds. The common area had coffee, tea, kombucha and even beer on tap. Good choice for our 4-person meeting!

Pam P. –  Peerspace

Our Conference Meeting Rooms Offer:

  • Productive in-person or virtual meetings

  • Access to beverages on tap, hot coffee, and tea

  • $50/per hour for non-members | $25/per hour for members after use of monthly member credits.

conference room for rent with chairs, desk, whiteboard, and tv
conference room for rent with chairs, desk, whiteboard, and tv

Benefits of Using a Conference Room Rental Near Me

Spend less

Understandably, meeting space rentals are considerably less expensive than hotel conference rooms and renting your own conference space every month. However, renting a permanent conference room increases your operational costs as a company, especially if you don’t conduct many meetings in it.

The best option to host professional meetings for a group, some of whom may be on video conference, would be to rent a conferencing space on an as-needed basis. This reduces your company’s operational costs considerably, saving you lots of cash that you can invest in other ventures.

If you are a freelancer, remote worker, or entrepreneur looking to grow your business, renting our conference room whenever you have meetings could be a great way to save money and achieve your business goals.


Meeting Room Rental

Are you looking for “meeting spaces near you?”  Then, Workhorse is your best bet. We are located in Edmonds, WA, part of Snohomish County, just 20 minutes from downtown Seattle near Mountlake Terrace, Everett, and Lynnwood.

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Boost your productivity and focus

Having meetings in regular offices can be distracting. As a result, employers will often find themselves trying to shut out distractions, i.e., the paperwork piled up on their desk, phone conversations in adjacent rooms, etc.

Selecting a meeting space rental could help you reduce these distractions, making it easier for employees to concentrate on their tasks at hand. In addition, a conference room will help employees relax, creating a productive atmosphere where they can be more attentive and productive.

Create space for new perspectives, concepts, and problem-solving strategies

Employees cannot perform optimally when they are in the same space day after day. They’ll feel less energized and less motivated to complete tasks. If you are in such a position, then the best option would be to rent out a conference room with great amenities to boost your team’s creativity.

Renting a conference room could help your employees break up their days, making it easy for them to develop newer, better ideas, great insight, and a rekindled energy to give their best. If you are a remote worker or an entrepreneur looking to boost your employees’ motivation, renting out our conference space could be an ideal option for you.

Make a great impression

If you are an entrepreneur, work remotely, or are a freelancer, renting out our conference room could help you make a great impression, especially for pitch meetings. We have fantastic amenities, a fabulous setting, and the best location. So let’s dive in and find out why renting our conference room would be great for you.

conference room for rent with chairs, desk, whiteboard, and tv