The Best Brunch Restaurants in Downtown Edmonds

The Best Brunch Restaurants in Downtown Edmonds

Apr 12, 2022

Updated January 2024

Well, Edmonds, we heard you loud and clear when you started commenting on our Instagram post promoting our Best Breakfasts blog that you wanted to talk about brunch. That’s right, Salt & Iron is finally getting its due. We told you it would, didn’t we? 

As we did in our previous Edmonds food posts, we’re ordering our picks based on their proximity to Workhorse. We like to walk around town and take in the sights, so keep that in mind as you’re scrolling through the list. There is no preferential treatment, per se, although this writer has plenty of preferences for eating around our town. But you’ll have to take her out to one of these brunches to hear more about those. 

We hope you use this guide however you’d like and maybe change up your workday routine by breaking up meetings with eating. Edmonds has gotten itself a bit of a foodie reputation in the past few years, which means all the places on our list will be exceptionally busier on the weekends than they are on the weekdays. Plus, you’ll feel extra special when you eat brunch out on a weekday—in many ways—so consider trying at least your first pick during the week if you can. If brunch is offered only on weekends, we’ve noted that. 

More than anything, brunch is a vibe as much as it is a mid-morning meal. That was our main criterion in pulling together this list. Enough ado, though. Let’s talk about mouth-watering food and drinks!


We were thrilled to hear Calypso re-instituted its brunch offering. Jerk wings and a “big mimosa” to top off our weekend? Don’t mind if we do! The Sunday brunch, Caribbean-inspired menu is tight, thoughtful, and fun. Plus, it’s a great place to bring kids, with its bright colors and frequent sidewalk art done by the owners. The closest place to Workhorse on our list, you could probably throw a rock down the block and hit it, but you wouldn’t want to. 

Demitri’s Woodstone Taverna

Demitri’s is a go-to weekend spot, especially in the summer, with its newly expanded deck overlooking the train tracks and out to the ferry landing. They serve portions large enough to share and offer super-tasty mocktails for the non-drinkers in your crew. If you feel flush with time and company, opt for the Brunch Paella, a total sensory experience. Also, they’re probably the only place in town that offers ten (ten!) house-made sauces. 

Salt & Iron

Your passion for Salt & Iron is palpable, and we share it! At Salt & Iron, even the simplest (nay, especially the simplest) dishes sing: the house-made buttermilk biscuits, steak and eggs, and French toast are lovely. Edmonds’ only steak and oyster house offers three kinds of benedicts, loaded breakfast bagels, and specialties like Pozole Michoacano and Chilaquiles. Big bonus: All kids’ meals come with a drink, which is often a lifesaver for parents, and they don’t skrimp on “Liquid Brunch” for the adult set either. Brunch at Salt & Iron is exclusive to weekends, so secure your table with a reservation or fly by the seat and hope for the best. Whatever you choose, it’ll be very worth it. 


Are you looking for a quick-ish, TikTok-famous meal? Walk straight up Main to MAR*KET, which has made its mark on the Seattle food scene with its now-legendary lobster roll. One of the cozy spot’s newest offerings, PNW Crab Doughnuts, is on a fast track to going viral itself. If you’re a “camera eats first” kind of person, this is your spot. They open at 11 a.m. daily, so prepare yourself accordingly. Oh, and if you’re plant-based, both MAR*KET and Salt & Iron (owned by the same restaurant group, Feedme Hospitality), have you covered with plant-based items that are just as drool-worthy as their sausage breakfast sandwiches and oysters on the half. 

The Rusty Pelican Café

One of the coolest things about opting to eat brunch at The Rusty Pelican right off of 5th and Main is that they serve breakfast fare until close. So, if you need it to be a Bloody-Marys-all-day situation, it can be (although we don’t necessarily recommend that for work and legal purposes). But, The Rusty Pelican is an endless coffee top-off kind of place, too, if that’s your style. The extensive menu has an excellent selection for kids, too. They don’t take reservations, but getting a seat during the week isn’t a problem. And, if you’re okay to wait a bit on the weekend, the block surrounding the restaurant is always bustling and full of fun shops to peruse while your table is prepped. 

Fire & The Feast

Brunch is back at Fire & The Feast, baby, and it’s absolutely delicious! Antipasti, pastries, Insalata, omlettes, and tasty drinks galore will keep you satiated all day. Linger long enough and you can stay for the dinner service! They even have a kids’ brunch menu the littles are sure to love. Keep up on the latest by following them on Instagram.

Red twig bakery resturant

Red Twig Bakery and Café

Do we love Red Twig? Oh, yes, we do. They’ve made it on multiple roundup lists of ours because they do the things they do so consistently well. Whether they’re pumping out gorgeous chai lattes or a perfectly-sticky cinnamon roll, The Red Twig is always excellent. And, when it comes to brunch, they keep a small list of delicious and balanced dishes on seasonal rotation.

So, are you drooling yet? Start adventuring through this list and take us along—we’ll reshare what you’re eating to our stories, @workhorse_coworking

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