New Edmonds Restaurant: Charcoal

New Edmonds Restaurant: Charcoal

Feb 10, 2022

We love living in a town close enough to Seattle to immerse ourselves in its endless foodie options, but we love even more that we don’t have to leave Edmonds to have the same experience. Right next door to Workhorse, in fact, a new Edmonds restaurant has opened. It’s called Charcoal, in the Graphite Arts building, and its vibes (Graphite is a building full of art studios!) and dedication to its craft make for a delicious meal steps away from your favorite coworking community. 

Edmonds, WA as a Foodie Destination 

We’ve all witnessed how Edmonds has emerged as a foodie destination in its own right over the past few years. Whether it’s a viral lobster roll from MAR*KET, a Cuban sandwich from Maize & Barley, endless loaves from the also-newly-opened Cottage Community Bakery, piggie dim sum buns from Fashion Dim Sum, highly-Instagram-able açai bowls from Jaiiya Cafe, or eclectic pastry flavor bombs at Zuri’s Donutz, people are flocking to Edmonds to eat. We used to see them mosey around town to see the ferry and spend time at the beach, but to nom at this level? Unprecedented. 

Until now. 

If you’re interested in some of our favorite places within walking distance from Workhorse, check out our roundups of Best Breakfasts, Best Dinners, Best Happy Hours, Best Coffees, and Best Lunches. Phew! That’s a lot. 

We’ll wait. 

Charcoal Restaurant in Edmonds, WA

But, back to Charcoal. This beautiful restaurant (we mentioned it’s right next door, but we wanted to reiterate. It’s right next door) serves modern Pacific Northwest American fare. 

But, what does that mean? It means juicy scallops, trendy smash burgers, local salmon, and manila clams. It means enjoying a meal that looks almost too pretty to eat surrounded by art. It means taking time to savor each bite. 

If we love anything, we love investing in this town and telling you about our favorite places in it. Charcoal is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion (or no occasion at all), wine and dine a client, or sip a drink at the bar. They open at 4 p.m. every day! They also take online reservations—score. 

Dinner in Downtown Edmonds

As the options in Edmonds continue to expand, we’ve made it our mission to try them all. While we’d pony up to the bar and order a drink, the pickled veggies, and a baguette any night of the week, we’d also come back to Charcoal again and again. It’s a pleasant, inspirational place to be. And, after a long day of work calls, emails, and being in the zone, Charcoal serves as fantastic new scenery. 

We’ll Be Your Dinner Date

Have you been to Charcoal? What did you order? What did you love the most? Did you walk out happily holding your belly, satiated and totally inspired? Same. Share your dining experience there with us by tagging Workhorse on Instagram or on Facebook

Stay tuned for our next Edmonds foodie roundup, where we dig into our favorite brunches downtown. Breakfasts, we’ve covered, but brunch? Entirely different, delicious beast.