Six Must-Visit Shops in Downtown Edmonds

Six Must-Visit Shops in Downtown Edmonds

Jul 11, 2024

By Reese Borden—Workhorse Coworking Intern

Edmonds is filled with highly rated restaurants, coffee shops, and cafes, as well as delicious sweet-treat destinations, but did you know about the many downtown boutiques and clothing stores that Edmonds has to offer? All within walking distance, and in the heart of Edmonds, there is a clothing store for every age, gender, and style. Exploring Edmonds as an East Coast girl has exposed me to the many boutiques and stores that are specifically unique to Edmonds, something that most towns don’t have to offer. 

As I continue to explore and get to know the town, I wanted to share with you six must-visits for all your clothes-shopping needs in Edmonds!

Clothing Boutiques in Downtown Edmonds, Washington

1. Anchor Chic Consignment

With their dedication to sustainability and minimizing their carbon footprint, Anchor Chic offers affordable clothing, accessories, and more for women. As thrifting and second-hand shopping becomes more and more popular, owner Elizabeth Le, personal stylist and expert shopper, is adamant about offering stylish pieces that everyone can show off, at prices that everyone can afford. As you navigate through their space, take the time to check out each piece Anchor Chic has on display, each carefully chosen to give shoppers endless style opportunities. Whether you are looking for a casual Sunday brunch outfit or something that will turn heads as you walk past, Anchor Chic is your place. Each item has its own story, and whether you are looking to buy or sell lightly used, on-trend items, you can give them a second life at Anchor Chic Consignment.

Check out the Anchor Chic Consignment Instagram, and—if you’re local—make a consignment appointment to sell with them on their website. Shopping with credit = shopping for free 😉

2. Little Bipsy

Specializing in fashionable apparel and accessories for our young ones, Little Bipsy is a one-stop shop for any and all baby styles. Little Bipsy is committed to comfortability and quality, offering stylish pieces that don’t come at the expense of comfiness. While many of their pieces are designed for the little fashionistas, there is something for everyone at Little Bipsy. Little Bipsy boutique offers outfits perfect for a day or night out in Edmonds, athleisure wear like leggings and biker shorts for hitting the gym, as well as casual wear like t-shirts, crewnecks, sweat shorts, and zip-ups for both men and women. They have a nice selection of adult PJs, too! Little Bipsy knows comfort and cuteness are key. You won’t be able to miss their boutique as you’re making your way through Edmonds, so be sure to stop in, say hello, and do some shopping. 

Little Bipsy Instagram

Must visit spot #1 Little Bipsy collection in Edmonds Wa

3. NC Concept Store

Incorporating styles from countries all over the world, NC Concept Store serves its customers with the latest fashion and trends. Originally from Ukraine, owner Nataly Charneska is using her success to give back to Ukrainian children significantly affected by the war. NC Concept serves style for both men and women, offering unique personal styling services to up your game and give your wardrobe that “umph” it needs. Their unique pieces, ranging from tops to shoes to purses and other accessories, will be sure to make you stand out. NC Concept is not your typical clothing store, especially in the PNW, as it encapsulates the signature European looks. To get a glimpse into what NC Concept Store has to offer, check out their Instagram with all their latest fashion posts. 

NC Concept Store Instagram

4. Podium

Showcasing vintage and contemporary clothing, Podium is catered towards men’s fashion and trends. There is a first for everything, and Podium is just that. Being the first men’s boutique in Edmonds, Washington, Podium offers high-quality clothing and long-lasting home goods—like book collections, candles, and more—specifically highlighting European brands and styles. At Podium, they believe their items should be worn and worn again, maybe even passed down, as their timeless pieces are perfect for the well-known PNW men’s style. As you browse through, you likely won’t leave there empty-handed. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, your son, or even a friend, Podium is Edmonds’s go-to men’s apparel store, perfect for the staple, stand-out pieces you’re missing. 

Podium Instagram

black and white Tree Logo

5. Pear Tree Consignment

Another second-hand apparel boutique in Downtown Edmonds, Pear Tree Consignment is committed to helping women feel confident in what they wear. The Pear Tree staff carefully selects items to be on display with a variety of apparel, handbags, and a selection of accessories. Their curated rotation of items changes daily, so if you don’t find something one day, you’ll be sure to bring something home the next. Pear Tree is committed to serving its customers with higher-end brands, avoiding fast fashion, and ensuring buyers leave with clothes that will last, even if they’re headed to their second home. Whether you are shopping on a budget or simply looking to redesign your wardrobe, Pear Tree Consignment in downtown Edmonds will have you walking out confidently with your new styles.   

Pear Tree Consignment Instagram

Black and white Rouge Logo

6. Rogue

Comfortably situated in the heart of downtown Edmonds, Rogue is attracting all the women’s fashion connoisseurs. Inside this local Edmonds boutique, hand-picked items are ready to be worn by you. Uniquely, Rogue offers Edmonds-specific apparel like their “Edmonds Surf Club” crewneck as well as jewelry hand-crafted by local jewelers in the area. Rogue knows that looking good can come with a high price, so since their establishment in 2014, they aim to provide high-end looks at an affordable budget. Rogue knows that it’s not all about the product, which is why they believe that their personable customer service is what makes them stand out. A visit to Rogue is a personalized shopping adventure, ensuring yourself a pleasurable experience.

Rogue Instagram

Edmonds Stores and Boutiques

As I navigate my way through Edmonds and immerse myself in all that this town has to offer, I continue to be amazed at the one-of-a-kind experiences, the determined and hard-working businesses, and the love that the community has to give. Whether you are an Edmonds resident or a visitor like myself, these downtown boutiques and their employees will revamp your style and have you walking out their doors a new person. From a fresh handbag to a completely new wardrobe, these stores are guaranteed to give you the makeover you desire. 

When I head back to the East Coast, an extra suitcase will be needed from the many new pieces I have accumulated over the course of the summer. No matter the occasion, these Edmonds boutiques have what you’re looking for. 

Which Edmonds boutiques will you check off your “must-visit list” first? 

As you visit and shop, we’d love to see the pieces you’ve picked out for yourself! Show us your new style and fashion makeovers and tag us on Instagram @workhorse_coworking!

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