Four Ways Office Dogs Improve a Workplace

Four Ways Office Dogs Improve a Workplace

Jul 18, 2023

With their floofy faces and perfectly boop-able noses, dogs are the superb sidekicks we didn’t know we needed. At Workhorse Coworking, we believe there’s no such thing as too much time spent with a canine companion—which is why we welcome well-behaved office dogs (and their well-behaved owners) every day.

To us, dogs in the workplace are a no-brainer. If you’re on the fence about bringing your pup to work, consider the ways our favorite woofers can improve an office.

Dogs Help Relieve Stress

There’s no way around it: Work can be hard, and when you’re in the thick of all the things that keep you up at night, it’s easy to let anxiety take over. With an office dog keeping tabs on the crew, you and your colleagues will find it impossible to resist taking a quick break to revel in some puppy love. And why shouldn’t you indulge? After all, research shows that employees who take breaks throughout the day are more productive than their counterparts. We’ll bark to that!

A man pets his loyal canine companion after a long day of work at the office

Dogs Build Community

Humans are complicated and messy. Fortunately for us, dogs are equal opportunity people pleasers who bring us together in the unlikeliest of ways. (After all, more friends = more belly rubs—it’s simple math.) Simply put, we love a good boy or good girl who can encourage coworkers to step outside their comfort zones.

At Workhorse, we’re proud to boast large open spaces where (leashed) office dogs can help build community. We’re not saying your next team icebreaker needs to involve a cadre of adorable doggos, but then again…

Dogs Encourage Us to Get Moving

This one’s a no-brainer. Exercise does wonders for our physical and mental health alike, so a lunchtime stroll to stretch your legs and get some fresh air sounds like a win-win for you and your perfect pooch. Take it from us: Edmonds is a super-walkable (and sniffable) town. Grab a few friends to make it a group thing and watch happiness and productivity soar.

Dogs Make Us Smile

With no shortage of sloppy kisses, sleepy snuggles, and adorable antics, dogs are the ultimate joy-bringers. When chatter about budgets and strategies and other heavy topics tank morale, office dogs are there with a timely tail wag or wet-nosed nudge to put it all in perspective.

A cute dog in glasses is reading a book on dogs.

Top Tips to Get Your Pup Office Ready

From Workhorse and beyond, take these tips to heart when preparing Fido for his big office debut.

  • Ensure your pup is trained to follow basic commands. Although rolling over and shaking are paw-some party tricks, prioritize the basics: sitting, staying, and no jumping.
  • While no one likes a party pooper, accidents happen. Your dog should be fully potty trained before coming to the office, but if your number one gets excited and does a number two, be a good human and clean it up.
  • A coating of dog hair on the office fur-niture is a real vibe killer. Our recommendation: Stay on top of your bestie’s grooming (and keep them off the office sofas and chairs, yeah?).
  • Like their owners, dogs have a range of attitudes and temperaments. Make sure you know how your pet will respond in a variety of situations and avoid potential incidents by keeping aggressive or non-socialized dogs at home. (Your coworkers will thank you.)

Trust us—putting in the work to make sure your four-legged friend is ready for office dog status will result in a better experience all around.

Making Office Dog Dreams Come True in Edmonds

The dog days of summer are a perfect time to join us at Workhorse Coworking. Our collaborative group spaces and private offices accommodate a variety of work styles and provide ample room for pups of all sizes to cozy up next to you for the day.
Pro tip: Try us out with a coworking day pass! Among our many amenities, we’ll welcome you with complimentary coffee, beer, and kombucha, plus a biscuit or two for your furry best friend. Your first day is even free. (Now that’s a doggone good deal!)