7 Hacks for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party

7 Hacks for Hosting a Stress-Free Holiday Party

Mar 19, 2024

We get it: Hosting your picture-perfect holiday party can be stressful. The food, the décor, the music, the mood—they all matter. Add in the busyness of the season and a dash of everything else that keeps you up at night and you might be keen to throw in the (holiday-themed) hand towel.

Deep breaths.

Here at Workhorse Coworking, we believe that, while holiday get-togethers are an important time to celebrate the season with coworkers, friends, and family, they don’t have to be stressful. (Groundbreaking, right?)

How to Have a Stress-Free Holiday Party

If you’re wondering how to host a holiday party that’s high on vibes and low on stress, we’ve got you covered. For starters, our one-of-a-kind, barn-chic space provides the perfect canvas for both corporate events and holiday parties of all shapes and sizes.

As for the rest? Leave the scrooging to Ebenezer and consider these tried-and-true holiday hosting hacks instead—no Christmas miracle required!

Holiday Hack #1: To-Do Lists Are a Host’s Best Friend

It may be a given, but don’t underestimate the power of to-do lists and timelines to help you throw the party of your holiday dreams. Not only do they keep you on track, but they also give you an incentive to prep a little every day—ensuring you’re not flustered moments before guests arrive.

Holiday Hack #2: Send Your Invites Early

While invitations for your holiday party don’t need to be sent out the minute the last trick-or-treater leaves your doorstep, don’t wait until Thanksgiving either, ‘kay? December isn’t just busy for you: Your guests are also feeling the pressures of year-end commitments filling up their calendars. Get a head start by getting your invitations out early.

Bonus Hack:

Use an electronic invitation service to spend less time stuffing, stamping, and addressing envelopes and more time planning party games that’ll have your guests talking well into the new year.

Holiday Hack #3: Food, Food, Food

There’s quite possibly nothing more anxiety-inducing to a party host than running out of food. Whether you plan to cater or cook, it’s always best to overestimate the amount of nosh you’ll need than it is to leave guests hangry. Your caterer more than likely has recommendations on how much food to order, but if you’re prepping the main course yourself, a good rule of thumb is to plan for one pound of food for adults and a half pound for the kiddies.

Bonus Hack:

 Place your food stations where you want guests to socialize. You’ll avoid traffic jams and help spread the joy around!

Holiday Hack #4: Cheers to DIY Drinks

You’re the party host—but that doesn’t mean you have to be the bartender, too. Deck out your bar cart with an array of libations, sodas, mixers, and garnishes so guests can make the Christmas cocktails or mistletoe mocktails they crave. (More time for you to enjoy the party? We’ll drink to that.)

Holiday Hack #5: Music Makes it Merrier

Mariah and Whitney and Bing, oh my! Any good party needs music, and thankfully these queens (and kings) of Christmas have you covered. From the lyrics we know by heart to our instrumental faves, music is sure to add a bit of ambiance to your holiday party.

Holiday Hack #6: Don’t Forget to Deck the Halls

Glamming up your holiday party doesn’t have to break the bank. Our recommendation? Take inventory of the decorations tucked away in your attic early on, leaving enough time to hunt for additional items if necessary. We’re big fans of thrift shop finds and dollar store deals, and things as simple as arranging colorful ornaments in a bowl or stringing up some twinkling lights can elevate your holiday party space from good to glittery.

Pssst, we keep twinkle lights up all year round (they add to the ambiance, you know?), so check that one off your list.

Holiday Hack #7: Ask for Help

Our roomy spaces and unique amenities make Workhorse Coworking a fa-la-la-la favorite choice for hosting holiday parties and corporate Christmas events. 
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