9 Work Christmas Party Activities for Adults

9 Work Christmas Party Activities for Adults

Feb 17, 2024

When the Queen of Christmas Mariah Carey begins defrosting each November, it can only mean two things: weeks of Yuletide melodies on repeat and the start of the busiest time of year.

And while the best holiday memories are often made with family and friends, there’s something to be said for work Christmas parties that provide time for connecting with coworkers, celebrating a year’s worth of accomplishments, and having a little fun along the way.

At Workhorse Coworking, our unique space offers the perfect backdrop for your company’s holiday events and allows plenty of room for food, festivities, and fun—including any work Christmas party activities you can dream up. Read on for nine very merry games that will jingle everyone’s jangle!

Easy Work Christmas Party Games for Adults

For a vibe that’s a little laid back and a lot cheery, consider these easy-work Christmas party games that usher in the spirit of the season.

Name That Holiday Tune

How It Works: Divide guests into two teams and see who reigns supreme in this Christmas music test. With their phone in hand—and access to Spotify, YouTube, or a music library—the host plays a few notes of a holiday tune before pressing pause and asking players to guess the song. The team to correctly ID the tune first gets a point (and ultimate bragging rights, of course).

Try This Twist: Rather than playing a snippet of the actual song, try humming (or “doo”-ing, if that’s what you prefer) the melody. While you may not be the next American Idol, your coworkers will surely have a blast.

Let’s Make A Deal

How It Works: Drowning in Amazon boxes from your Cyber Monday splurge? Give ‘em a second life by concealing the fabulous prizes in this homage to the classic game show. With an array of gift cards, knick-knacks, and other goodies up for grabs, partygoers are offered deals and choose to either keep what they have or risk it all for the possibility of something bigger and better…or not.

Try This Twist: While anything you give will no doubt be appreciated by guests, consider offering a few extra-meaningful options like the chance to win an additional day of PTO. A shoo-in for the Best Boss Ever award? Yep, that’s you!

 Plastic Wrap Ball Game

How It Works: Your mission? Create a giant ball of plastic wrap with small gifts sprinkled in along the way. (Pro tip: Gift cards, cash, candy, and other petite presents work best.) Once you’re ready to play, arrange guests in a large circle and have one person start unwrapping the ball while the guest to their left, armed with a pair of dice, attempts to roll doubles. When they’re successful, they gain possession of the ball and try their hand at unwrapping the goodies. The dice and plastic wrap ball move around the circle as the game continues, and whatever falls into your lap is yours to keep.

Try This Twist: If you suspect your coworkers are a bunch of nimble-fingered folks, have them don their gay apparel—in this case, oven mitts—when attempting to undo the plastic wrap. At the very least, it’s sure to make for a good photo op!

Minute to Win It: Company Christmas Party Ideas You Need to Try

If you’re leaning into fast-paced fun for your work Christmas party, you can’t go wrong with holiday-themed Minute to Win It games. These activities usually require lots of open space (which Workhorse is happy to provide) and minimal set-up—meaning you don’t have to miss out on the merrymaking.

While Minute to Win It activities are vast, two you might try are:

  • Spoon and Ornament Races, where guests attempt to balance an ornament on a spoon while trying to move faster than their competitors.
  • Marshmallow Madness, a contest to see who can transport these gooey goodies the fastest from one bowl to another using only a straw. (Bonus: Your coworkers will also have the perfect complement to their holiday hot cocoa!)

Quick Hits: Other Christmas Office Party Games We Love

  • The Price is Right (Christmas Edition): Set up stations with a variety of holly jolly items and ask guests to guess the price of each one while they mingle. So easy and so fun!
  • Heads or Tails Gift Exchange: Instead of a traditional white elephant gift exchange, guests flip a coin to determine which gift they choose. Heads means picking a new, unwrapped gift off the table, while tails is their cue to steal a gift from someone else. This game is bound to get interesting.
  • Christmas Family Feud: Divide guests into two teams and watch them battle it out for holiday trivia bragging rights. Survey says…

Favorite Things Gift Exchange: A game even Oprah would love! Ask guests to bring three (wrapped) low-cost items they can’t live without. Partygoers then take turns choosing gifts, and everyone goes home with a few new things. What better way to introduce your work besties to some of your favorite products

Let Us Ho-Ho-Host You

Our large, flexible spaces and unmatched amenities make Workhorse Coworking an easy choice for your next company holiday party or corporate Christmas event. In a season that always sparkles, we’ll help make sure your office Christmas party lives up to the hype. Send us a message and let’s collab!

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