Conference Room Setup: The Workhorse Guide to Productive Meetings

Conference Room Setup: The Workhorse Guide to Productive Meetings

Jun 3, 2024

If you’re reading this, you know meetings are the cornerstone of any business. You probably also know enjoying the option to meet clients and colleagues in person or online is essential to modern-day business operations. 

But how often do you find yourself in a conference room that hinders your team’s productivity? Even worse, what if you don’t know of any productive conference rooms near you? In that case, we’re glad you found us because our three conference rooms are fantastic. For the purposes of this article, we’re going to walk you through how conference room setup plays a significant role in the success of your meetings. Then, we’re going to give you details about each of our conference rooms so you can make the right choice for you and your team. 

From encouraging collaboration to ensuring everyone feels heard (even through a screen), the right conference room setup can make all the difference.

This Workhorse guide will arm you with the knowledge to utilize our conference rooms in ways that get the most out of your team huddles, client presentations, and company offsites. Whether you’re a seasoned meeting maestro or just getting started, we’re about to help you make your meetings productive and successful. 

Choosing The Most Productive Space for You

Before diving into furniture and fancy gadgets in our conference rooms, let’s focus on the core functionalities they all share.

Size and Amenities

  • Pick the right size room: Cramming 15 people into a room meant for eight will lead to discomfort and unproductive conversations. On the flip side, a vast, echoing room can feel impersonal. Consider the differences between our three conference rooms: Our main conference room comfortably seats about eight; our Aqua Conference Room seats about 15, and our 1st Floor Conference Room can fit more than twenty seated. All have large screens and whiteboards. You’ll want to choose a space that allows for comfortable seating with enough legroom for everyone. Which one sounds like the right fit for your team? Check availability and book directly here.
  • Consider optional amenities: When you book one of our conference rooms, you gain access to our coworking community, which comes with a whole host of great amenities, including drinks on tap (including cold brew and kombucha), a convenient downtown Edmonds location for lunch or post-meeting happy hours, and more.
People sitting at a table with drinks in their hands and one person at the head with a laptop.

Conference Room Design Trends

Gone are the days of sterile and corporate conference rooms. Modern conference room design trends emphasize collaboration and comfort, and we are all over that. 

Our conference rooms:

  • Embrace natural light: Natural light is a mood booster and is proven to enhance creativity and focus. If your small team loves natural light, opt for our main Conference Room, which comfortably seats eight people
  • Think color: Our Aqua Conference Room and 1st Floor Conference Room incorporate fun pops of color that not only create an inspiring and engaging atmosphere but also provide conversation starters. Want to talk about tropical fish while getting your work done? Book the Aqua Conference Room for your next meeting or offsite!
  • (Screen) Size matters: We’ve gone big and high-tech in all of our conference rooms. Project your meeting onto our screens, the smallest of which is 60.”
    • Main Conference Room TV: 60”
    • Aqua Conference Room TV: 85”
    • 1st Floor Conference Room TV: 100”

Layout and Flow

When considering the perfect conference room space for you and your team, think about how people will move around the room and how information will flow during meetings.

  • Flexible furniture: Opt for furniture that can be easily rearranged to suit different meeting styles. In our two upstairs conference rooms, all chairs are on wheels. In our 1st Floor Conference Room, the meeting table doubles as a whiteboard, is on wheels, and can be folded to be moved aside and/or used for brainstorming sessions. 
  • Multiple work surfaces: Our 1st Floor Conference Room has a breakout room and shared kitchen right outside of it, allowing for smaller group discussions. Our Aqua Conference Room has a breakout room (we call it the Tack Room) right next door.

Popular Conference Room Setup Styles

The ideal conference room setup depends on the type of meetings you typically host. Here are a few popular options:


The classic boardroom has a long rectangular table with chairs on either side. This setup is ideal for presentations or meetings with a designated leader. Any one of our three rooms can be set up this way. This is their default configuration. 


The U-shape setup encourages interaction and participation from everyone around the table. This is a great option for brainstorming sessions and collaborative meetings. Our 1st Floor Conference Room can be set up this way. Just give us a heads up and we’ll have one of our team members move the tables for you. 

What Style Fits Your Needs?

Consider the following factors when choosing a conference room setup style:

  • Number of attendees: How many people are coming to your meeting?
  • Meeting style: Are you hosting a presentation, brainstorming session, or a collaborative workshop?
  • Technology needs: Do you require video conferencing equipment or whiteboards?
An empty conference room with table and chairs around it with a tv on one wall and a white board on the opposite side. Big windows with shades pulled down.

Conference Room Equipment

The right equipment can make or break your meeting experience.

Essential Equipment

Here are some must-haves for any conference room:

  • High-speed internet connection: A reliable internet connection is essential for video conferencing and screen sharing. Ours is blazing fast!
  • Display screen: A large, high-definition display allows everyone in the room to see presentations and video calls clearly. See above to remind yourself of our screen specs.
  • Whiteboard: A whiteboard is a great tool for brainstorming and capturing ideas.

Virtual and Hybrid Meetings

If you regularly host virtual or hybrid meetings, you’ll need additional equipment:

  • Video conferencing camera: A high-quality video conferencing camera ensures everyone can be seen clearly. This comes standard in our Main Conference Room and Aqua Conference Room. 
  • Microphone and speakers: Clear audio is crucial for productive meetings. Consider a conference phone or speakerphone system. Our Aqua Conference Room has mics you can play with. If you want to be sure you know how to use them, consider bringing your own. 

Members at the Hot Desk level and higher enjoy at least two hours of conference room time in our upstairs rooms included in their membership each month. 

Two desk mates chatting with each other as they work.

Workhorse Coworking Conference Rooms

At Workhorse Coworking, we understand the importance of having a professional, fun, and functional space for your meetings. That’s why we offer a variety of conference rooms available for rent. Did we mention we offer discounts on half and full-day bookings? 

Our Three Conference Rooms In Edmonds

Our state-of-the-art conference rooms in Edmonds are equipped with everything you need to host a successful meeting, including:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Large display screens
  • Video conferencing capabilities
  • Whiteboards
  • Pens
  • Access to our community of hardworking remote workers and business owners

Holiday Party Photo, Woman with Scarf walking into the room with the workhorse logo behind her.

Book a Workhorse Conference Room Today!

By following the tips in this guide and considering your specific needs, you can enjoy a conference room setup that fosters productivity, great conversation, and a positive meeting experience right in the heart of downtown Edmonds. 

Remember, the ideal conference room is not just about how it looks—it’s about creating a space that empowers your team to collaborate effectively and achieve its goals.

If you’re looking for a modern and fully equipped conference room for your next meeting, look no further than Workhorse Coworking. As you’ve likely gleaned, we offer a variety of meeting spaces to suit your needs, from intimate huddle rooms to large conference rooms. And members enjoy many perks, including monthly credit hours, discounted rates, and 24/7 access. So, say see ya later to sterile, boring conference rooms and unlock the full potential of your meetings with a well-designed and equipped space in the heart of Downtown Edmonds. We’ll be your partner in hosting meetings that allow your team to thrive.