What Is Hot Desking?

What Is Hot Desking?

May 24, 2023

While coworking and coworking spaces have grown in popularity over the past several years, there are some terms we use *in the industry* that may not be well-known. The term “hot desking,” for example, is a somewhat odd verb used to describe first-come, first-serve seating. We’ll get into that in more detail a bit later on. For now, know that in this article, you’ll get the answer to your burning question: “What is hot desking?” 

What Does Hot Desking Mean?

In the coworking world, hot desking is the verb used to indicate working at a rotating desk. A hot desk doesn’t belong to any particular worker. Theoretically, in a rotating seating system, multiple workers can use the same physical workstation throughout the day. We see this quite often at Workhorse and have had no problem with our Hot Desk members lacking a place to be productive. 

If you couldn’t tell from our Instagram, we hand-build lots of options for the space. We’re pretty gritty here, and we always find our members a great place to get their work done. 

Is Hot Desking The Move for You?

We can’t decide for you what you and your work require, but what we can tell you about our Hot Desks is the following:

  • We offer multiple spaces with different arrangements and seating options to accommodate various working styles. By this we mean we have different types of chairs, table heights, etc. 
  • While you run the risk of a seat that is not guaranteed, we have had very little issue with rotation. Some members come in early and leave before lunch. Some work later. The seats all seem to reveal themselves, and on the off-chance that they don’t, our staff is highly-skilled at creating new work areas just for you.
  • All Hot Desk memberships come with full access to our perks and amenities, including drinks on tap, lunch & learns, member-only events (*cough* wine tastings, parties, exclusive mingles), and after-hours access.
  • Hot desking is a great way to try the space on. The entry price point and massive flexibility allow you to start somewhere that isn’t your shared home office or a noisy coffee shop, assess, and go from there.
  • We’ve listened to member feedback and have provided things many people need to do their jobs more comfortably, like extra monitors, mouse pads, and cushy office chairs. 

Hot Desking Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the cons because we’re biased and we think the pros way outweigh the cons:

  • Hot desking means you may not get to sit in the same place every day.
  • Hot desking means you may mean you have to haul your creature comforts with you.
  • Hot desking means you may have to look for a place to sit rather than coming in on a beeline for your dedicated space.
  • Hot desking means you may have to be near someone you don’t know or aren’t used to.

As for the pros, we listed a fair amount above, so we’ll pile on a few more:

  • Hot desking means you have a great place to work with blazing-fast Wifi and all the office amenities you’re used to. 
  • Hot desking gives you access to a wireless printer.
  • Hot desking brings you into an environment with like-minded people working on really cool things.
  • Hot desking comes with two hours of conference room time per month. 
  • It gives you a place to think and to chat, should you be interested in the latter. 

As a team made up of a mix of introverts and extroverts, we’ve found that most personality types can thrive in a hot-desking setup. It really comes down to budget and preferences. Ask yourself:

What do I need in my work environment to feel productive?

How many meetings and calls am I on throughout the day? 

Does it matter to me that I sit in the same place every day?

How much money am I willing to spend each month on a workspace? 

How much do networking and continuing education matter to me? 

Do I prefer someone else keep the coffee flowin’ while I work? 

How embedded do I want to be in the Edmonds business community? 

Your answers to these questions will make your decision process much easier. And, if answering them shows you that you may prefer an upgraded option, check out our Dedicated Desks and Private Offices

We’re also happy to show you each type of working environment on a tour. Call us or shoot us a note and we’ll meet you at the front desk. 

See you soon!