What Is A Virtual Office?

What Is A Virtual Office?

Apr 19, 2023

One of the top questions we get is, What is a virtual office? We’ll tell you this first: It’s not something we build with AI. That’s such a hot topic right now, that even we might have considered wondering if a virtual office is, in fact, some new-fangled computer-generated SIMS situation. Alas, we are certainly tech-forward, but we are not that tech-forward. 

In our world, a virtual office is a few things:

  • A mailbox for your business that is not your home address
  • Business reception and call forwarding 
  • Discounts on day passes and conference room time in our physical space

And major peace of mind. 

What we’ve discovered with many of our members is a large percentage who start home-based businesses don’t necessarily want everyone and their brother to know where they live. And, as we all know from years of working from home, creating separation between the two is key. Plans begin at just $25/month. 

Mail receiving is one thing, but what about actually registering your business with the City using our address? Enter our Local Business Membership

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Establishing Your Business Virtual Address

For those of you business owners who want to use our address as your address for things like Google My Business, opting into our Local Business Membership is your best bet. It’s $99/month and comes with: 

  • Use of our physical address as your official business address
  • All benefits of the above-mentioned virtual office membership
  • Four day passes and two hours of conference room time per month

As for the setup logistics, our team is well-versed in helping you through the process, and our online system is mostly user-friendly. We have a human notary on site and access to online options as well. We’re here to help, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions you have as you get yourself set up. 

Virtual Business Office in Edmonds

Many local artists, creatives, mental health professionals, and more are Local Business Members at Workhorse and because they run their businesses out of their homes, the day passes and conference room time give them just enough separation between the two to feel like their business and home life are working in beautiful harmony. 

Intrigued, but still have questions? Shoot us a note

Our Virtual Office Plans

Spend some time on our Virtual Office options page to look at what’s included in each plan and think about what you need to feel successful in your business. They’re laid out nicely across the page here

And, remember the only option that allows you to use our address for registration paperwork, licensing, Google, etc. is the Local Business Membership

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Reasons You’ll Love Our Virtual Office Memberships

There are so many reasons to love our virtual office memberships, including:

  • Separation between your business and personal mail
  • Staff on-hand to manage your mail—from scanning to opening, forwarding, and more
  • The safety of having your online address separated from your home address (should you choose to opt into our Local Business Membership
  • Options of discounted or included day passes and conference room time, depending on your plan
  • Access to our barn-chic space right in the heart of downtown Edmonds with unlimited drinks on tap
  • Discounts on hosting events—panels, conferences, workshops, whatever you can dream up
  • Inclusion in our community of hard workers and go-getters

Seriously, what’s not to love? 

We’re thrilled you’ve gotten this far and are interested in our membership options. Our staff is available 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. for drop-in questions, phone calls, and emails. We can’t wait to help you grow your business! 

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