The Skinny on Our Local Business Membership (And Why You Need One)

The Skinny on Our Local Business Membership (And Why You Need One)

Aug 1, 2022

There were already so many reasons to love Workhorse Coworking: the people (obviously), a variety of barn-chic spaces to work from, unique amenities (we’ll raise a glass to beer and kombucha on tap), and an unmatched location within walking distance of the best that Edmonds has to offer.

And now we’ve added one more.

Starting this summer, we’re proud to offer a Local Business Membership—the perfect solution for business owners in and around the Edmonds community looking for support when it comes to mail receiving, in-person work options, and access to conference rooms. 

At just $99 per month, the Local Business Membership allows you to:

  • Establish a physical address for Google My Business
  • Create a business mailbox, and
  • Have mail scanned, forwarded, held for pickup, or shredded (we love options!)

Members choosing this plan also receive additional perks: four free day passes and two hours of conference room time at Workhorse each month. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe—but you’ll have to trust us on this one, just like one of our newest members, Gina, did.

A New Way to Cowork in Edmonds, WA

As a mom of three and a busy solopreneur in the accounting space, Gina’s growing business required more than her home office could handle. When the pandemic shifted her husband to remote work as well, she knew she needed a change.

That’s where we came in. With her Local Business Membership, Gina has a space to meet clients that’s free from interruption and looks professional, elevating her status as a trusted business partner. She also has a physical address to use for her Google My Business listing and finally feels confident in growing a company that’s as big as her dreams. With us in her corner, Gina is more comfortable, more focused, and more energized.

And perhaps most importantly, Gina is now part of a community of local business owners who might not have connected without Workhorse. It’s a community that shares highs and lows, small wins, and big moves—a community that’s making an impact in the lives of so many entrepreneurs in the area. She’s grown her professional network and watched them become fast friends (and who knows, maybe even future business partners).

Register your Edmonds Business at Workhorse

At the end of the day, the flexibility and support we offer provide Gina and her peers with the space and services they need to run successful companies and strike a better work-life balance. We call that a win-win for business dream-chasers everywhere.

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