Keeping Our Distance

Keeping Our Distance

May 19, 2020

You may have seen our post on Instagram last week that we’re committed to keeping our distance. That means that while you’re at Workhorse, you can rest assured that no more than nine other people will be at the space at any given time. Based on the square footage of the space, we’ve limited our total occupancy to ten. Our true occupancy is between 80-100, so we are erring heavily on the side of caution. This allows for each person to have MUCH more than six feet between them and the next closest person.

What we know is that while working from home certainly has intrinsic benefits (feet from bed to couch, for instance), getting out of the house for an hour of deep work or an important phone call is equally as important.

Workhorse, our coworking space in Edmonds, is free through May. Our doors are open—heck, we don’t even have a door to the space. Come on in and sip on some cold brew or ‘buch on us as you ease back into the world. Safely, and at a distance.

We promise we won’t judge your sweatpants. We’re rocking them, too.