3 Downtown Edmonds Parks to Visit on Your Lunch Break

3 Downtown Edmonds Parks to Visit on Your Lunch Break

Feb 16, 2023

One of the best parts of Workhorse is how well-positioned we are in town: We are located two blocks from the ferry, two blocks from the Amtrak station, three blocks from the main street fountain, and right in the center of a large handful of fantastic parks. 

You may have noticed we encourage brain breaks on our Instagram page pretty often. We know how powerful a change of scenery can be to your creativity, productivity, and overall mental health. This blog takes those recommendations to the next level by focusing on three downtown Edmonds parks you can visit on your lunch break. Not only are they inspiring places to spend time, but they’re also all a relatively short walk, pedal, or drive from Workhorse. 

Plus, you can pop over to them with your pup, which is always a plus. 

Edmonds City Park

The city’s public park is where pretty much any outdoor activity is possible. Its lush acres on 3rd and Howell offer ballfields (baseball and soccer), dog-walking areas, fire pits, horseshoe pits, a pavilion, picnic shelters and gazebo, picnic tables, playground, restrooms, the family-friendly Hazel Miller Spray Park (open 10 a.m. – 8 p.m. Memorial Day – Labor Day. This place gets hoppin’ in the summer months!), trails, and a nice wooded area.  

It’s where the whole town—and many people from out of town—come to play, and it’s easy to see why. There’s definitely something for everyone at this park, including Fido! 

Underwater Park + Brackett’s Landing

The Edmonds Underwater Park at Brackett’s Landing is the closest of all three parks to Workhorse, and it’s not even above ground! People the world over come to visit this massive underwater playground. It’s a marine conservation area, a bird sanctuary, and an enclave just a few minutes from us, where you can meet the ocean. 27 underwater acres offer a playground for scuba fans, but you don’t have to slither into a wet suit to appreciate what’s underneath your feet when you stroll around Brackett’s Landing. There is a sign right by the restrooms that shows everything divers experience and a beautiful website with videos, a blog, and educational information about this truly special place in the world. 

As for Brackett’s, it’s the scenic, oceanfront park on land that surrounds The Edmonds Underground Park. It also offers trails, picnic space, and a sandy beach, plus pretty epic ferry and mountain views. On the 4th of July every year, runners race past it to kick off the city’s patriotic party in the Beat The Brackett 5K and 1K. 

Edmonds Marina Beach + Off-Leash Dog Park

In 2005, a group of volunteers started “Off Leash Area Edmonds” at Marina Beach Park. It is now an official 503(c) charitable organization run and maintained by volunteers, a “pleasant non-threatening place for dogs and their owners” where dogs “are permitted to run free, swim, meet new friends and play.” We know your pup probably gets antsy working with you as the day progresses, and this area is not only perfect for their potty break but also for your brain break. Watch your dog frolic by the Sound, with the Olympics hugging the horizon. There really is no better view. Be sure to check their rules before heading over! 

If you’d like to take in the views without canine energy by your side, Marina Beach park boasts a marine sanctuary, BBQ stands, boat launches, lots of open turf, pathways along the waterfront, picnic areas, a beach-front playground, a sand volleyball court, summertime food trucks, and more. 

With so much to work with, you may be wrestling with where to begin. We believe in you, especially since you can’t go wrong with any of these Edmonds parks. With five work days in the week and three parks in this write-up, you have plenty of time to see them all in the same week—the same day if you’re feeling ambitious! 

Please don’t hesitate to stop by the front desk upon your return to tell us where you ended up. We’re always thrilled to hear about your adventures. Have you taken your brain break yet? 

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